Laura Weaver

Introspective Hypnosis

There is much pretending in our world. As children, we come into this world very authentic, but are coached and corrected out of our natural state of who we are so that we fit into the institutions that our society has created. By this lifelong programming, we sometimes lose the sense of who we are and the gifts that we possess.

 Many of us grew up surrounded by people that had a lot of unresolved issues that came out as anger, fear, dependency or abuse. We learned to alter our behavior to accommodate and cope with all these emotions that were being “dumped” on us. You see, humans absorb the densities of other humans. 

 All of us have experienced some form of trauma in our lives that leaves unresolved issues or densities within us. This trauma may remain repressed or eventually show up in the form of pain, illness, depression, anxiety or a myriad of emotional or physical reactions.


Densities are negative emotions that rob us of clarity and direction

 As we move through this world, there is an enormous amount of information trying to capture our attention: TV’s, computers, devices . . . media and technology.  In addition, we have demands from our job, family, friends and community. All of this activity and noise creates densities within us and our energy field becomes very muddled . . . not clear. This causes many phenomenas like depression, anxiety, stress, inability to focus and unsettled feelings.

We mask so much of our feelings and information by filling our bodies with chemicals of all kinds: unhealthy food, too many supplements, medications, alcohol and drugs. This builds densities and we do not clearly feel our bodies or we simply become used to feeling bad. So clarity is not our norm.

This conditioning is learned behavior and we can relearn healthier behavior.

You are seeing a shift around you where people are “allowing” and becoming more open to their uniqueness and the individuality of people. This allowing is sparking beautiful intelligent ideas and allowing these ideas to come into the world at a faster rate than in prior history. This authenticity is what people are seeking; it is the art of hearing their guidance, finding themselves and therefore revealing their purpose.

The primary purpose of Introspective Hypnosis is to clear your densities so that you have more clarity, hear your guidance, change unwanted behavior, discover your gifts and have a better understanding of your unique purpose.                                                                                                                     

Introspective Hypnosis is a method that has proven to treat several conditions in just one session. Our conscious mind, as a form of protection, has the ability to suppress events or experiences that might overload us. These memories are stored in the subconscious mind until we are ready to deal with them. We unknowingly place these repressed emotions or memories “on hold”.  When these emotions are ignored for a period of time, they can manifest as tension in different parts of our bodies resulting in unresolved emotions or physical pain.

Introspective Hypnosis is a collaborative agreement between the practitioner and you to access your subconscious in search for the origin of the negative emotions or belief. Once the origin is found and understood, you will remember, but detach and release the negative emotions (densities) associated, providing you with relief, clarity and new perspective.