Waking To Wisdom

Channeled Writings

On January 28, 2012 at 2:47 in the morning, I was awakened and heard, “Pick Up Your Pen”. I took my pen and journal and begin to write what I heard:

"There is a change taking place on your planet; a shift to the spiritual if you will. It is not necessary to label this shift, as it will be called by or described or perceived by many in many different ways. You are to be a part of this shift. People will be ready to hear the wisdom you have to share. They will be receptive to hear your powerful words. Sometimes these words will not feel powerful to you, but they will change people at a molecular level.

In order for humans to know their God, there needs to be a silence, a calming of the mind. Quiet the chatter of the head in order to hear the wisdom come through the heart chakra, third eye chakra, actually all chakras. This quieting or calming changes your vibration, so that the communication can exist."

Exactly three years later on January 28, 2015 I heard:


"This is how you are going to write: 

The purpose of this book is to open the hearts of seekers so that they may understand clearly the way the laws of this universe and become more deliberate creators without so much anguish as to the process.

For many years man has searched for purpose and meaning and this walk on earth is a journey of creativity. The life you live is of your own choosing and design. You came here to experience, to create. Your creating goes into the collective of the whole. Your mindset goes into the collective of the whole. We re all one, all a part of ‘I am”. This gathering goes into the collective whole and we all experience it.

It has always been the way of the great masters, the enlightened ones to cleanse the body, quiet the mind and raise their vibrations so that we can communicate with them. They are the humans who chose to walk on this earth and bring forth the knowledge of the greater being. This knowledge is only receptive to those who are ready to hear it, a more enlightened being for lack of better description.

It is of great concern in our spirit world to find those to bring knowledge forth. This is the time as you all refer to it as “the spiritual awakening”. There is much communication going on at this time. Many forces are at play to bring knowledge forth because we can, because it is the desire of our collective to do so."

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